If you need immediate urgent help call 999. In non-emergency situations you can also contact the NTU Security team, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, on 0115 848 2222.
Support for Students

If you need support in an emergency

Call the Police on 999 if your situation is an emergency.
If you are concerned about your immediate safety on campus, please call NTU Security on 0115 848 2222 or access one of our Safe Spaces.
If you require urgent medical help, please see your GP, visit an NHS Walk in Centre, call 111, visit NHS Accident and Emergency, or call an ambulance.

I would like independent, confidential advice and guidance from the Nottingham Trent Students' Union

Nottingham Trent Students' Union Information and Advice Service offer, independent, free, confidential advice and representation service to all NTU students, including a mediation service.

Nottingham Trent Students' Union Peer Support Scheme
Offering free, confidential and independent support from students, with similar experiences, conditions or characteristics.

Help and Support

Once you have submitted a report, either with your contact details or anonymously, you will receive a support message with links to our services.

If you submit a report with your contact details, and have identified that you would like support from an NTU adviser, we will contact you within 2 working days, or if you have requested a formal investigation, you will be contacted within 5 working days.   Our advisers can provide support and guidance, and refer to relevant services, including:

Health and Wellbeing Self-help, Online and External Resources

SilverCloud therapy
A clinically proven, world-leading, mental health and wellbeing platform, specifically designed for students who need to fit wellbeing support into their busy lives.

NTU Student Support Advisers
For students experiencing personal challenges, significantly impacting on their studies.

NTU Wellbeing Support
For support with personal, emotional or mental health difficulties and referrals to Self-help advice and resources, Counselling, Mental Health Support Team, Chaplaincy and Student Support Advisers.

NTU Sexual Violence/Abuse Support
For student support relating to any recent or historic sexual violence, including but not limited to, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment and stalking.

NTU Disability & Inclusion Services
For Autism, Physical, Sensory, Long-term health conditions, Mental Health Mentoring, and Dyslexia advice and support.

General sources of support

Citizens Advice 
Provide some useful information on the different types of harassment and hate crime people may experience including disability hate crime, racist and religious hate crime, sexual harassment, and sexual orientation and transgender identity hate crime.

True Vision 
Offer guidance on reporting hate crime and hate incidents. If you do not wish to talk to anyone in person about the incident or wish to remain anonymous, there is an online form for reporting hate crime; you can report non-crime hate incidents to the police to try and prevent any escalation in seriousness.

Disability Equality NW 
Run the Developing from the Negatives Project (DFN), which aims to raise awareness of Disability Hate Crime and encourage reporting. 

Tell MAMA 
Supports victims of anti-Muslim hate and is a public service which also measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidents.

Community Security Trust (CS) 
Helps those who are victims of anti-Semitic hatred, harassment or bias.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams
The Police website provides a list of Neighbourhood Policing Teams in your area, who you can contact to gather details of your Neighbourhood Policing Team; how to arrange a visit from your Neighbourhood Policing Team and local support agencies. 

Victim Support 
When you report a crime to the police, they should automatically ask you if you would like help from an organisation like Victim Support. But anyone affected by crime can contact them directly you don’t need to talk to the police to get Victim Support help.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened