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The Consent is Everything workshops are a 90 minute interactive face-to-face session delivered to all 1st year undergraduate students on the topic of sexual consent.
The workshops are automatically scheduled into every 1st year students timetable and are deemed essential to ensure students have a safe and healthy university experience, and they know where to access support, or how signpost a peer to support, if needed.

Students Asked, We Delivered

In 2019, a student submitted a "Big Idea" on the NTSU platform asking that consent training be made compulsory for students. This submission broke the record number of "likes" the NTSU had seen that year and following this, Consent is Everything workshops were made mandatory for all 1st year undergraduates. 

The Content

The workshops were created jointly between NTU and NTSU colleagues and NTU students. The content is based on two evidence based programmes and is regularly evaluated using feedback from students and facilitators every year. 
The Consent is Everything workshops are interactive and engaging sessions that use activities and scenarios to practice understanding what consent is, giving and receiving it, and myth busting surrounding sexual violence. 
The workshop also covers how students can support a friend who discloses an incident of sexual violence and what support is available within the University, the Students Union and within Nottinghamshire.

The Feedback

In the 2022/23 academic year, 273 workshops were delivered to over 6000 students. 
The feedback from the students following the workshops showed that the majority of students were more aware of situations requiring consent, sexual assault myths and how to signpost another student to support.
The full details for the participant survey can be seen below:
  • 84% are more aware of situations that require consent.
  • 86% are more aware of sexual assault myths present in society.
  • 85% are more confident in giving consent in situations that require it.
  • 88% are more confident in receiving consent in situations that require it.
  • 94% know how to signpost another student if they are sexually assaulted or raped.
  • 84% would recommend the workshop to other students.

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